about us

an online magazine with translated articles in French and English dedicated to voicing the lives, opinions, passing reflections and obsessions of people from all backgrounds on the Côte d’Azur ;discussion around a thought–provoking question close to our lives here on which readers can have their say talk about books and reading, cultural events, favourite places in our region, and also pet hates in daily life here ideas and techniques for mental and physical well-being.
leMagazine Azur is part of the world web press, the proof that people everywhere are ready to link up. We invite you to visit the worldwide web away from the top-speed, flashy, commerce for which it is mediatised and feared. leMagazineAzur is your place to  take your time, listen to the voices around you on the Côte d'Azur.

Our contributors
Chris Chakrabarty - film-maker, England
Catherine Clement - p.a secretary France
Kate Collard - literature teacher, US
Isabelle Cronin - translator, France
Isabelle Delemotte - massotherapist, France
Marie-Gabrielle Di Nunzio - life-coach France
Ana Gil-Merino - artist, Spain
Mohammad Gholikany - computer analyst, Iran
Aude Laoué - philosophy teacher, France
Jill Levison - language teacher, journalist, France
Lilian Masse - literature teacher, writer, US and Brazil
N.                - photographer, retired train driver, France 
Carol McCloskey - language teacher, writer, Ireland
Gaelle Stewart - writer, France
Evelyne Tonelli - founder Radio Ethic, France
Gery Turpyn  - architect, France
Patrizia Vecchio - production assistant, Italy

Xavier Deschamps - maths researcher, France
Wilma Gledhill - artist, France
Sophie Poisson  - language teacher, writer, France
Geneviève Sauvajon - retired German teacher, France

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